The Adventures of Zack & Zoe

Here is the cover Martin Wall designed for my latest book in the ‘Zack & Zoe’ series. The book contains two stories, ‘The Grey Goose’ and ‘Dognapped’. As with the other books in the series it is written for children between the ages of 8-12. The book will be available next week from Amazon in both paperback and as an e-book
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My latest book

‘The Adventures of Zack & Zoe’ includes two exciting stories called ‘The Grey Goose’ and ‘Dognapped’. The cover design by Martin Wall.
The book is out in paperback and is also available as an E-book

The Little Sweep

In Gray’s Walk, in Newport on the Isle of Wight, there is a plaque commemorating a young boy called Valentine Gray who was apprenticed to a chimney sweep called Benjamin Davies. Valentine was treated badly by his master. When, in January 1822 he was found dead in an outhouse in the town, there was a public outcry. He was just ten years old when he died. Valentine’s death led to the passing of the Climbing Boys Act which prohibited sending young boys up inside chimneys. Benjamin Davies was blamed for Valentine’s death and was convicted of manslaughter.

The wonderful colours of autumn


All the leaves from green have turned
Umber, sepia, copper, gold
The trees once dressed in summer robes
Unveiled now as the year grows old
Mists descend and cast a pall
Now the year is at its Fall.


Crisp, copper coloured leaves
Shuffling, rustling under foot.

Cupped acorns carried down
From branches, borne on gentle breeze.

Chestnuts bursting from the shell
Drop to leaf-strewn floor below.

Ripe plums plucked from orchard tree,
Red-skinned apples on heavy bough.

Brambles bearing berries plump,
Holly richly dressed in scarlet.

Smoky swirls, sweet smelling, rise,
Drifting up from gardener’s blaze.

And misty, mellow, morning air
Proclaims the autumn of the year.