Quads’ A level Success

I am very proud of my grandchildren, the Chard Quads, who have just received their brilliant ‘A’ level results. They all got places at their chosen Universities which is a huge achievement. There was a lovely picture of them in their local paper on the Isle of Wight. This was fine until you read the the article underneath.
Instead of congratulating them and celebrating their success the paper chose to make ridiculous comments that poked fun at them and belittled their achievement. A real piece of journalistic bullying. I can just picture how the drama unfolded:

Scene 1 Press photographer arrives and lines up the Quads, “Come on, Guys” he says ” leap about a bit and look excited” Two of the Quads treat his suggestion with the disdain it deserves, but the other two decide to humour him and jump up in the air.
Scene 2 Second-rate hack sees picture and decides to get a few cheap laughs at someone else’s expense. She writes an article ridiculing the Quads, poking fun at their antics and making some unpleasant personal remarks.
Scene 3 Sadistic Editor sees picture and article and decides to put them on front page of his paper. This suggests that he made his decision without bothering to read the article, or perhaps he did read it but was just not capable of recognising rubbish when he saw it.

Message to Editor These young people, and their many friends, are your readers of the future – always supposing you actually have a future. You may find you have just hammered a very large nail in your paper’s coffin


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