Have you heard of Shakespeare?

According to the news this morning many young people have never heard of William Shakespeare! How bizarre is that! Our greatest English writer, famous in every country of the world, translated into numerous foreign languages, and there are people who do not know of him. Unbelievable!
I have written a book called ‘The Treasure Trail’ which is designed to introduce children, who are studying Shakespeare at school, to the man who wrote the plays. It takes them, along with twins Zack & Zoe and their cousin, Midge, on a trail in which they have to solve a set of clues. Each clue leads them to the home of a member of Shakespeare’s family. They discover some amazing things about his mother, his school and what he learned there, his wife and family and, of course about the man himself.
I hope that this book will be read by young people so that more of them will have a knowledge of one of our national treasures, the great William Shakespeare. I am on a mission to spread the news. All you have to do is click on the link below and you can find ‘The Treasure Trail’ in paperback and as an e-book.


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