In Praise of Facebook

Oh for the joys of Facebook! Without Facebook how would I have known that my eldest grandson had been awarded his degree? Without Facebook how would I have managed to see his graduation photos? Without Facebook ………. Hang on a minute! Whatever happened to the personal touch?
Why am I getting so excited about Facebook?
Silly me! This is the 21st Century – this is the way things are done. Facebook is the way you learn about things. Without Facebook you never know what is happening in the world. Oh for the joys of Facebook!


3 thoughts on “In Praise of Facebook

  1. I have yet to get a facebook account mainly due to security reasons working as a correctional officer but I get a lot of information fed back to me as to what the family is doing because they post just about everything, like my sister-in-law’s auto wreck and pics of the car, my brothers daughters (3) and their family squabbles and get togethers. It amazes me that so many post personal things so easily. What ever happen to the saying, “don’t put your dirty laundry out for others to see????”

    Then again, I am just now learning to blog… there is hope for me yet (grin) (~_~)

    1. I agree, I am amazed at what is posted on Facebook. But I also agree that it is a good way to keep in touch with family now that nobody seems to be capable of writing a letter or picking up a telephone. I love your blogs so please keep on blogging.

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