April Haikus

Showers in April
The sun shines and then it rains
Typical April

How we need water!
Not showers but heavy rain
Not April showers

There are hosepipe bans
Reservoirs are drying up
Rain please fall on us.

We love the sunshine
But we need the rain to fall
The sunshine brings droughts

(Where I live in Sussex, UK, we are not allowed to use hosepipes to water the garden or wash the car. We are being urged to save water as much as we can. The water in our reservoirs is getting very low because we had very little rain during the winter. Now we are getting April showers but they are not enough to fill up the reservoirs. We are almost in a drought situation)


4 thoughts on “April Haikus

  1. Here in the U.S., we call them water hoses or hoses. 🙂 You may recall reading some of my drought poems, so I know how you feel and what your area is undergoing. We’ve had good rains, especially for vegetation, since September, but could still use a small flood to fill lakes.

    1. Yes, I have read your drought poems.. I always particularly enjoy your haikus. We usually complain that we get too much rain in the UK so we are not used droughts. However this is the second year it has happened.

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