More Typos

I have another book by Denys Parsons, called “Can it be True?” Here are some of the typos and other mistakes from this book.

Magazine story: “Heavens, I am thirty” she said “Please get me a drink”

Announcement: Mr & Mrs Smith of Dukes Hill are the parents of any baby girl born on Thursday.

Announcement: Mr & Mrs J. Brown are rejoicing over an eight pound daughter, their sixth child since last Saturday.

Sports report: At the start of the race Yale went out in front. It had a half mile lead after the first quarter of a mile.

Advertisement: The troupes of monkeys are guaranteed to keep the audience laughing, riding bicycles and balancing on huge balls.

Advertisement: Come in your thousands, the hall holds five hundred.

Advertisement: Wanted – Smart young man for butchers. Able to cut, skewer and serve a customer.

Cafe menu: Pickled pork or boiled rabbi – £2.60

Service sheet: HYMN 236 “Stand up stand up for Jesus” (Congregation seated)

Short story: They looked out of the window as the train drew into Crewe station. “Hull!” they all cried “we’re there”


5 thoughts on “More Typos

  1. Best typo I recall was from my former job with Royal Parks Agency. The Manager of Bushy Park received a water quality report on the Colne River running through from Heathrow Airport to the Thames, which had required a lot of effort to clean up after the construction of Terminal 4. It started with: “We are pleased to say the river is now teaming with pike and crap…” When questioned, the author replied that it had been spill checked!! I have never trusted a mere spell checker since and always get someone else to proof read anything of consequence.

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