Some more schoolboy howlers

I have been reading another book by Richard Benson called “F in Exams” and here are some of my favorites from this book. The subject is History.

Q: What was introduced in The Children’s Charter of 1908?
A: Children

Q: Name Labour’s first Cabinet Minister?
A: Mr Chippendale

Q: Upon ascending the throne what was the first thing Queen Elizabeth I did?
Q: Sat down.

Q: Who were the Bolsheviks?
A: People led by linen.

Q: Explain the meaning of the word ‘Dictator’?
A: Somebody who reads out loud.

Q: What did Mahatma Gandhi and Genghis Khan have in common?
A: Unusual names

Q: What happens during a census?
A: A man goes from door to door and increases the population.


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