Sounds of Music

I love the sound of an oboe
Its plaintive note, pure and true
Floating on high, rich and clear,
Captivating the listener’s ear.

I love an organ’s powerful sound,
Reverberating all around
With mighty chords that seem to find
The listener’s heart and steal his mind.

I love the harp’s silvery tone.
The purity that belongs alone
To its sensitive strings.
Plucked to make the music sing.

I love to hear the human voice
Joined with others to rejoice
And celebrate music’s choral tradition
With a melodious, harmonious rendition.


2 thoughts on “Sounds of Music

  1. Dear Anne, I wish to tell you that I have given your Blog the 7×7 Link Award!
    It was hard picking 7 Blogs for the award but your poetry is so outstanding that you deserved a place on the list!
    If you wish to visit (your blog has been linked) it’s at under my post heading:
    “Yay! I have been given an award!”
    Have a happy day! Imogen 🙂

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