A Trip to the Isle of Wight

We have just been visiting our wonderful family on the Isle of Wight.  We went to deliver Christmas presents to them, and came back with an enormous pile of presents from them to us.

We had a lovely time with them all and it was good to catch up on their news.  Rob just home from his first term at university, Tom preparing for a music exam, Michael trying to decide on a future career (whatever he chooses will be a success), lovely Abbi busily working on her design project for her media studies, and the beautiful Samantha well into her travel and tourism studies.  A remarkable group of young people, good examples of the youth of today and a credit to Mum and Dad (Thea and Steve)  What a pity young people get such a bad press when there are fine boys and girls like these five.

The Isle of Wight is a fascinating place.  There are so many beautiful Victorian and Edwardian houses.  I could not help wondering who lived in them when they were first built.  Were they the holiday homes of rich Londoners or were they the permanent homes of island dwellers?  Of course the fact that Queen Victoria had her holiday home at Osborne  would have encouraged others to move to the island.  But what did they do when they got there?

The Isle of Wight was quite an art centre in the nineteenth century.  Alfred Lord Tennyson lived in Freshwater Bay as also did the famous art photographer Julia Margaret Cameron. Dickens also spent time on the island as, I am sure, many other writers and artists did.

I would like to research the origins of homes on the island.  So there is something for me to think about.  An interesting project.


2 thoughts on “A Trip to the Isle of Wight

  1. Hi Anne, I so love your written words, and the descriptions and facts that you mention about places. When Ryan and I have the time to go travelling around beautiful spots in the UK, your posts ‘take me there’ and helps me decide which ones to visit.

    Growing up we always went abroad and I never got to spend holidays in the UK so I am really keen to see our country. Keep posting!! I rarely find a writer that can spark my imagination from the descriptions, but you do that Anne so it is an absolute pleasure to visit your blog 🙂

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