A New Talk

Yesterday I launched my new talk, It is called “Shakespeare’s Women” and it is about the real women in the Bard’s life, not about female characters in his plays.  I spoke to a large group in a local church hall.  They were members of St Andrews Guild.  They were very enthusiastic and said they enjoyed the talk, which was very satisfying.

I do not take a fee for my talks but ask for a donation to my favourite charity instead.  I support ‘The Smile Train’.  They pay for children with facial deformities to have life changing operations.  It is such a worthwhile charity because these children would not be able to lead normal lives without the surgery.  It is such a simple operation and is so successful but the families in poor countries cannot afford it.  It is very gratifying to think that by giving a talk, for about an hour, I can contribute in some small way to this worthy cause.  Yesterday I earned enough to pay for the drugs needed for one operation.

I have more talks booked so hope to help more children to have this vital surgery.


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