Talking Newspaper

Today David and I have been recording for the talking newspaper in our area.  We record about once a month for ETNA (which stands for Eastbourne Talking Newspaper Association)  We both record the Sunday papers and the local papers for an audience of about 400 listeners.  It is a very rewarding thing to do as it enables blind people to catch up on interesting articles that they could not otherwise access.

When we have finished reading it is all transferred on to memory sticks ready to be sent out to subscribers.  The feedback is excellent and it is good to know that our efforts are very much appreciated.

Once a year ETNA gives a lunch following on from the AGM, in which the readers sit with the listeners so that the sighted can help the blind.  The listeners can recognise our voices and it makes it all more personal.  It is good for us to meet each other.




2 thoughts on “Talking Newspaper

  1. That’s a very laudable activity. I almost got to record literature, but at last moment didn’t happen. Would have liked to, even though I don’t have the greatest speaking voice. 🙂

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