A case of shop dropping

“What’s all the excitement?” Pal wanted to know

“We have a new case for the Pipstec Detective Agency.  That’s what all the excitement is about” Pip explained

Pal didn’t look terribly interested.  “I thought we had enough of that last year” he complained

“Ah! That was before this new case came our way” Pip replied “I was talking to our window cleaner this morning”

“He came early didn’t he?” Pal interrupted

“Yes he always does.  He has another job and he cleans windows before he goes to work,  Anyway that’s not the point” Pip continued The point is that he has a brother who runs a gift shop on the seafront near the pier, and his brother has been suffering from shop dropping”

“Shop dropping!” exclaimed Pal “What’s shop dropping? How can you drop a shop?”

“You’ve heard of ahop lifting, haven’t you” asked Pip

Pal nodded.

“Well shop dropping is the opposite” Pip explained “Shop lifters take things out of shops without paying for them and shop droppers put things into shops that don’t belong there”

Pal looked puzzled “Why would they want to do that? he asked

“That’s what we have to find out” Pip announced triumphantly.

(This is an extract from “Hidden Treasure” by Annie Dee.  It is an adventure story for kids 8-12.  It is available as an e-book from Amazon .co.uk)


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