Two letter words

I have been working out how many words there are in the English language with only two letters.  Excluding exclamations like Oh! and Ah! the following are what I have come up with :-

am, an, as, at. / be, by, / do, / go, / he, / if, in, is, it, / me, my, / no, / of, on, ow,  / so, /         ta, to, / up, us, / we.

I suppose I could have added Ma and Pa as well.  But even with those two it only adds up to 27.  Not many, but then there are only two words with one letter – A and I.



3 thoughts on “Two letter words

  1. I’ve been playing Scrabble on my ipad, against the computer. The teacher feature tells me, after I’ve played my tiles, what I could have done. Invariably, what the computer comes up with is better than what I’ve done. I still beat it most of the time. But it is surprising how many two-letter words that I’ve never heard of are given by the computer. Of course, when I try a word just as a guess, it almost NEVER turns out to be a real word. I think the computer is making up things in the teacher feature just to taunt me! Anyway, one I’ve learned is “qi”. I haven’t looked it up to see what it means. The computer used it first in a game and I’ve used it since. It was smart enough not to reveal its treachery by claiming “qi” isn’t a word when I used it. 🙂

    1. I like playing Scrabble on line too and have been amazed at some of the words it accepts. I agree with qi, and there is also zo and xi. Somehow I cannot accept these as valid words in the English language. I think they are just Scrabblish!

      1. Yes, and what is frustrating is that those words are acceptable Scrabbish to the computer I play against and mine attempts never are acceptable. The tiles are stacked against me!!!

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