Pip & the Bank Robber

“Pip & the Bank Robber” by Annie Dee,  is an exciting adventure story for 8-12 year olds.  It is an e-book and can be bought on Amazon by simply entering the title and author.  Read a bit of it now:-

Chapter 2 – A shock for Pip

One afternoon Pip arranged to meet his Mum after school.  She worked in a local bank and Pip went along to meet her there.  He was a bit early so he went into the bank to wait for her.  There were only three people in the bank, two women queueing behind a slow old man who was trying to find his glasses so he could see to fill in a form.  Pip had just gone in through the door when someone rushed in behind him, nearly knocking him over.  It was a man dressed all in black and with a balaclava hood covering most of his face.

The man rushed up to the counter and produced a gun which he pointed at the girl behind the grill.  A woman in the queue screamed and her little dog started barking loudly.  The man turned his gun on the queue.

“Quiet” he yelled ” Don’t move. Anyone who makes a noise will be shot”  Then he turned back to the counter and demanded money.

The man had not noticed Pip, who took the opportunity to slide behind a nearby door into an office.  He pulled out his mobile and dialled 999.  Whispering, so the robber could not hear him, he called the police.

Within a few minutes, while the girl behind the counter was trying to stuff money into a bag, the sound of police sirens could be heard in the distance.  The robber heard the sirens.  He turned and started to run to the door, but just at that moment the woman with the dog let go of its lead and it dashed across the bank.  The robber tripped over its trailing lead  and landed flat on his face right by the door where Pip was hiding,

As he fell his mobile dropped out of his pocket and landed right by Pip, who quickly put out his hand and grabbed it while the robber was trying to get up.  As the man pushed himself up Pip caught sight of his hand and saw a tattoo quite clearly.  He could only see three of the robber’s fingers and he read the letters H-A-T, one letter on each finger.  “Why would anyone want to have ‘hat’ tattooed on bis hand?” he thought to himself as he looked at the robber’s mobile.  He checked ‘My Number’ and wrote it in the little notebook that he always carried with him.  Then he quickly checked through the ‘phone book in the mobile.  He was shocked to find that he knew one of the numbers.  He wrote that down too.


Why not buy “Pip & the Bank Robber” and find out what happened next?




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