A poem with a difference

 ‘Rhine’ is a poem with a difference because it has a rhyme scheme but the rhyming words are not at the end of the line, they are embedded in the middle. (See the words in  italics)

Castles high above the Rhine, on rocky peaks                                                                               Where leafy vines, pointing like fingers                                                                                            Offer wine as a libation to the overlord.

Legendary maidens, the Lorelei, dance in the mist,                                                                       With a song and a sigh luring bewildered                                                                                          Sailors to die on the rocks at their feet.

And laden barges spray their wash on the banks                                                                           As they thread their way through the busy traffic                                                                         That passes each day along the river.

Clusters of houses stand on the banks each side                                                                             Where the workers who manned the vineyards                                                                           And worked the land have built their homes.

Cities have grown up along the way                                                                                           Built of ancient stone  and shining glass                                                                                            Seeds of commerce sown that they may flourish.

The mighty Rhine from small beginnings on a Swiss hillside                                                       Grows into a great meandering line that wanders                                                                         Through Germany to find its way out into the Dutch ocean.


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