Benson’s Garden in Rye

I am a great fan of the writer, E.F.Benson and particularly love his “Mapp & Lucia” books. Here is my tribute to E.F. Benson, inspired by a photo of him sitting in his garden busily writing.

There is a garden that I know,                                                                                                           Pleasantly shaded and cool,                                                                                                                 Where flowers in wild profusion grow,                                                                                             And solitude is the rule.

Beneath a tree in secret bower                                                                                                           A contemplating author sat                                                                                                                 Deep in thought for many an hour,                                                                                                   Nature his inspiration to write.

Though long since gone, his spirit lives                                                                                             Forever in the words he chose.                                                                                                           And still his books much pleasure give,                                                                                             And still his lovely garden grows.


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