Towering cliffs, white and dazzling,                                                                                                    Grey seas angrily surging,                                                                                                                  Sand and shingle constantly shifting,                                                                                                Ancient coastline rearranging.

Gorse-strewn commons endlessly stretching,                                                                                 Soft green downland gently rolling,                                                                                                   Ancient forests, dark, forbidding,                                                                                                   Paths and bridleways, most inviting.

Furrowed fields fresh from ploughing,                                                                                             Corn and wheat and barley swaying                                                                                                 In the breeze that’s always blowing                                                                                                 Off the sea, pleasantly cooling.

Pretty villages in valleys hiding,                                                                                                         Proud little towns on hillside standing.                                                                                             Seaside resorts in sunshine basking,                                                                                                 One big city vast and sprawling.

Old churches with graveyards crumbling,                                                                                       Moss clothed tombstones, mostly leaning,                                                                                       No names remain, no way of telling                                                                                                 Who lies below eternally resting.



3 thoughts on “Sussex

  1. Hello Anne! I have never been to Sussex, I live in the UK and I don’t even know in which direction it is,but…you have described it in this poen so perfectly that I could picture the scenery in my head from your wonderful descriptive words-now that’s hard to do,so I truly understand why this is your favourite poem!

    Put it like this; after reading ‘Sussex’ I wish to visit it and because when my Husband and I have children,we are moving from London and setting up somewhere safer,calmer and more serene and now that I have read your poem,this is the type of place exactly that we wish to move to 🙂

    I love this poem and I too wish more people could read it as well because it is nice. Very nice.

    You are a very talented lady and I am pleased to meet you!

    1. Hi Imogen
      Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad you liked my poem and I am sure you would enjoy living in Sussex if you decide to move here. It is a lovely county.
      Best wishes – Anne

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