Whale Watching

A cry goes up on the starboard deck,                                                                                       ‘Look! Look ahead, there are whales!’                                                                                           We shade our eyes and crane our necks,                                                                                   Lean dangerously far across the rails,                                                                                   Searching, waiting, hoping we might                                                                                               Be lucky enough to catch a sight.

Onward our vessel slowly sails,                                                                                                       As silent passengers watch and pray.                                                                                           ‘Look! There they are! There are two big whales,                                                                     There, look ahead, you can see the spray’                                                                                       We spot their bodies, black and shiny                                                                                           We see their tails diving into the briny.

They surface again and seem to play,                                                                                           As the videos whirr and the cameras flash.                                                                         They’re showing off for us today.                                                                                               Then they disappear with a mighty splash.                                                                                But we feel enriched by what we have seen,                                                                             And know how privileged we have been.


One thought on “Whale Watching

  1. loved this poem (~_~) I had taken my family to the beach and while on the fairy we saw dolphins playing in the boats wake, the kids loved it…

    (We shade our eyes and crane our necks), I liked this line a lot..


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