Pip & the Bank Robber

I have just published a second story in the ‘Pip & Pal’ series, as an e-book on Amazon.  It should be available within 24 hours.

The new book is called “Pip & the Bank Robber” by Annie Dee , with cover design by Martin F. Wall. It is an exciting adventure story for the -12 age group.

Pip meets his favourite author at a book signing.  Later he finds a lost manuscript and returns it to the writer.  Pip is involved in a bank robbery and spots an identifying tattoo on the robber’s hand. His friend, Pal, sees the man with the tattoo in a shop in town so knows he is local. Pip manages to track the robber down by visiting tattoo artists in the town.

Pip and Pal discover that the famous author is indirectly  involved in the bank robbery and they enlist his help to catch the man.

Pip gets into terrible danger when the robber confronts him on the pier, but Pal comes to the rescue. All is well in the end and the famous author plans to write a book about the two boys’  adventure.



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