Another E-book

The next e-book in the Pip & Pal series will be out shortly. Like the first it is written for the 8-12 age group.  It is an exciting story in which Pip gets involved in a bank robbery.  He sees a tattoo on the robber’s hand and this leads him discover the man’s identity.  It also leads him into danger, but Pal comes to the rescue.

I have decided that my own name is too long and complicated for a children’s author so I have adopted a pen name for my e-books.  It is Annie Dee.  So in future the Pip & Pal series will be by Annie Dee.

My paperback books in the Zack & Zoe series will, in future, be by another pen name.  That is Amanda Starr which is an anagram of the initials of the given names of my husband,  my children, and my grandchildren, and my own initial too.   I think that Amanda Starr rolls quite nicely off the tongue.

The cover designs for all my books are by that celebrated illustrator, Dr Martin F Wall (who just happens to be my son).


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