Overheard in a waiting room

I was sitting in the waiting room at Eastbourne Station.  Sprawled on a seat opposite me was a rather scruffy, elderly gentleman with a long white beard (Father Christmas came to mind).  A smart lady came in and sat in the only available seat, which happened to be next to Father Christmas.  He immediately started to talk to her.

In a very loud voice he told her how much he liked travelling.  She replied in non-committal monosyllables.  He went on about how he had been on the train to Brighton, the bus to Tunbridge Wells, the train to Hastings and to Chichester etc. etc.  Then he suddenly turned and peered closely at his neighbour – “Got all your own teeth, have you?”  he enquired.

The lady seemed to respond to a non-existent announcement from the platform “Oh! I think that’s my train”  she mumbled as she hastily got up and left.

I do love overhearing other people’s  bizarre conversations.


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