Worry, worry and more worry!

As a mother I always worried about my three children.  Now they have grown up I worry about three adults.  I have seven grandchildren, and I worry about them too.  I just went through agonies waiting for ‘A’ level results last week and when my grandson just missed his required grades by five marks I really suffered for him.  He did so well with 2xA and B, but was disappointed to miss his university place to read Medicine.

Now all is well.  He has been offered a place at another university to read Bio-medicine with the option to change over to Medicine at a later stage.  I am so proud of him.

Now I am anxiously waiting for GCSE results this week.  I have four grandchildren to worry about this time.  It is such an important time for young people with their whole future resting on a few marks on a paper.  I know they will all do well, but I worry just the same.

Will things get any easier when I get to be a Great Grandmother, or will there just be extra people to worry about?  Unfortunately  I’m just a natural worrier.


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