Is there anyone out there?

I believe that children should be encouraged to read, so I write short, pithy books that I think will appeal.  My books are adventure stories that have characters with whom children can identify.  I recognize that e-books are the thing of the future so I have recently published one with Amazon.  However, there is a problem – how do I publicise my book?

Marketing seems to be the second biggest problem for an author (the main one being getting your book published in the first place).  My e-book, “Pip & Pal” is there listed on Amazon, but who knows that?  How do children find out about it? That is why I say “Is there anyone out there?”   I have used Facebook, Twitter as well as my Blog.  What else can I do?

“Pip & Pal” by Annie Dee (my pen name), is the story of two school boys who set up a junior detective agency and solve three mysteries.  It is written for children in the 9-12 age group.  I would very much like to have some kids read it.


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