How (not) to publish your book Part 2

My first children’s book, “The Silver Knight”. was published by the American publisher, Domhan Books.  I gave three copies of the book to a local primary school for their library, and asked for feedback from the readers.  That feedback was very positive.  The children enjoyed it and asked if there were any other books in the series.

Feeling encouraged I wrote a follow up called “Ginger Cat”  and , as Domhan Books had then gone out of business,  I hoped to get an English publisher instead  I found out that a neighbour had a daughter-in-law who was a children’s editor with a London publishing house.  I asked the neighbour if he would give a copy of “The Silver Knight” to his daughter-in-law to see if she would be interested in taking on the sequel.  I mentioned that I had given it a test run on children who had enjoyed it.

Eventually the book was returned to me with the message – not the sort of book children would enjoy.  “But” I protested, “a lot of children have already enjoyed it.  That is why I have written a sequel”

Apparently the editor had said “Well her own children would say that, wouldn’t they” An odd comment really considering my own ‘children’ were in their thirties at the time!

“Ginger Cat” has now been published – by an American publisher.


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