An identity crisis!

I have decided to use pen names. Not just one, but one for each series of children’s books that I write.. For my Zack & Zoe series I am going to be Amanda Starr and for my Pip & Pal series I will be Annie Dee. So will I remember who I actually am, I ask myself?
Why the change? Well, Anne Crofton Dearle is such a mouthful so I want to simplify things. Also, my Zack & Zoe series is in paperback and my Pip & Pal books are E-books. So it seems sensible to write under a different name for each series.
How did I arrive at my new names? Annie Dee is obvious – just Anne with an added ‘i’ and Dee is my initial D.
Amanda Starr is more complicated. All the letters in that name are the initials of my husband, my two sons, my daughter, my son-in-law, my five grandsons and my two grandaughters. So a good anagram.
I hope children will enjoy me books whichever name I use


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