My Latest Book

Hot off the press! Published just today, on 1st August! My new e-book for Tweenies (Children aged between 8-12).  “Pip & Pal” by Annie Dee (pen name for Anne Crofton Dearle) with cover design by Martin Francis Wall. To buy a copy  go to, click on kindle books, scroll down to children’s books and type in Pip & Pal.  It costs just £3.17 and will be a good summer read for kids.  Pip and Pal are two twelve year old boys with ambition and attitude.  Pip wants to be a detective when he grows up – but why wait till then?  He decides to set up a private  detective agency right now and gets started with his first case.  There are three stories in the book, each one a case for Pip’s agency which he calls ‘Pipstec’.  He may not be a very good detective but he sure gets results, more by luck than anything else. Find out how the boys got their unusual names, and, right at the end, find out what Pip decides to do when he gets tired of being a detective.




One thought on “My Latest Book

  1. Congratulations! That’s very exciting – I had no idea there was a market for e-books for children, but it does make sense.

    On another note, thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish you all the best in your future publications!


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