The Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate

Today I visited The Turner Contemporary in Margate.  It is a wonderful building and the artwork there is amazing.  There is one original painting by Turner of an erupting volcano, and a painting of nineteenth century Margate by George Webb.  But these are the only paintings.  The rest of the art is what you might call ‘installations’.  They are not really sculpture but are 3D.  I am not usually a fan of modern art but what I saw at the Turner Contemporary really impressed me.  There are mathematical designs that have been made into solid 3D art forms.  There is a room where images of the seafront at Margate have been etched on the back of mirrors giving a kind of negative effect, and the detail is truly amazing.  There is  a beautiful piece of collage framing a huge window looking out over the sea, with mirrors either side giving a reflection that seems to go on into eternity. And all this is displayed in a large  and airy building where one very aware of light and space.  It is truly magnificent.  Everyone should visit The Turner Contemporary Galery it is an experience not to be missed.


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